Elevating your Yoga Practice with Light Therapy

If you’re a yogi, you likely spend a lot of your time on your mat. Regardless of whether you’re doing yoga at home or in a studio, the moment your toes touch the mat, you’re in your own world. You're focusing on finding balance within. There’s no question that yoga has many benefits, including increased flexibility, muscle strength, weight reduction, and improved cardiovascular health. 

However, what if those benefits could be enhanced without changing anything in your yoga routine? The concept of yoga hasn’t evolved, which, on the one hand, is understandable; it’s a traditional discipline that originated from ancient India. But there are ways to elevate this holistic fitness exercise without having to alter it. Enter: light therapy. 

As you may know, red light therapy uses low-level wavelengths of red light to penetrate through the skin and muscles, increasing cellular function. By increasing cellular energy, cells can repair themselves faster, which promotes the healing of muscle and skin tissue. 

The healing of muscle and skin tissue can provide a multitude of health benefits, such as anti-aging benefits, reducing muscle and joint inflammation, improved libido, and organ detoxification. It’s also been found, through clinical trials, to help with depression and SAD (seasonal affective disorder). 

By understanding the benefits of red light therapy, it's clear that they're complementary to each other. While practicing yoga, not only will you be stretching and improving muscle strength, but through light therapy, your muscle recovery and muscle mass will increase, as well. 

A 2016 study researched light therapy on trained, untrained, and elite athletes, finding that red light therapy can increase muscle mass. So by pairing yoga with red light therapy, your body will gradually become more toned while increasing strength. 

Let's not ignore the benefits that red light therapy has on the skin. Yoga isn't only an activity to increase muscle mass and flexibility; it also helps detoxify the body and reduce cortisol levels, minimizing breakouts. Yoga, too, gives a natural glow to the skin. 

By adding red light therapy to your yoga routine, you'll be able to repair skin cells, increase collagen levels, and improve overall skin health. By supporting cellular health through red light therapy, it reduces inflammation, temperature regulation, and circulation. 

But the benefits go beyond skin deep. Yoga, though physical, is also an incredible mindfulness exercise for many. Countless studies have shown that yoga increases awareness, sharpens concentration, and even aids in anxiety relief, while others have also proven that red light therapy aids in reducing depression and anxiety symptoms. For those suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder), red light therapy brings natural light during the winter season. It's the all-in-one, natural prescription for many conditions we struggle with, particularly paired with the power of yoga. 

So, why not combine the two? Both yoga and red light therapy decrease anxiety and stress, increase mindfulness, and ultimately connects the body and mind. When working together, the results are nothing short of incredible. 

If you're doing yoga at home, Lunas’ red light therapy can be a great addition to your unique practice. Not only will you receive the unique benefits of yoga, but you'll also enhance them through red light therapy.